Somkit Moodthaisong Paper Industry Thailand Infrastructure

We have made sourcing from us very easy and simple than you anticipate, Our Personnel, Equipment, Production Planning, Tooling is all geared to meet your needs from product design, presentation, proofing/Sampling, trial lot, to pre shipment samples and subsequently regular production and despatch. Our beliefs and enthusiasm puts Your interest first.

All Labour Laws and Regulations are met and no child / forced / slave labour is used at any stage of manufacture. All Environment regulations are strictly followed. We are open for an audit anytime required.

Language & Communication

We have a strong online, communication infrastructure, moreover, the language of communication is English, making understanding your needs very easy. Plus we have infrastructure to understand and execute jobs in - Spanish, French, German and Arabic though not very frequently used. An Executive is appointed to specially handle your account and is reachable at any time, thereby avoiding the 12 - 15 hour time gap in response, he is like your representative and co-ordinator on your behalf, in our company.

Competitive Prices

TSince our equipment is the latest the world has to offer, plus waste generation is less than 1% due to efficient planning and process flow, we offer a very competitive price. The cost of waste would have otherwise been loaded to our price offer to you. As relationships develop, we make long term contracts, and offer excellent working conditions, also easy payment terms with usance LC upto 120 days (or more).

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